Discover why ambitious companies choose BackOfficeIT for expertise that helps:
  • Produce new revenue
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance profit

We will help you if you are:

Moving Up
When standalone software no longer meets your needs: an IT solution you never outgrow.
Moving In
IT transitions don`t have to be disruptive. Make sure they are smooth, trouble free, and affordable.
Paying Off
iLeverage all the capabilities of modern ERP systems to realize the biggest return on investment in the least amount of time.
Getting More
Your Revenue goals are specific meet them with customized solutions that expand out-of-the-box capabilities of modern ERP platforms.
Qualitative Consulting
We strive to privide you with clear information and actionable guidance, always operating with the highest personal and professional integrity.
OneOffice Suite
Integrated Tools for Complex Business
OneOffice Suite comprises number of products to help non-profits and for profit organizations who serve their members. Our suite will provide single platform used by Members, Donors, Employees and Managemnt.

The data collected from various sources is stored, analyzed and presented to members and staff in apropriate level and personalized form.

OneOffice All Together, Better.

We have developed a powerful product is a key ingredient in providing the best software and services for our customers.

You need to enable your clients to order your services and keep their personal information up to date. You want to enable your staff to have information about your customers readily available in quick glance, when they are coming in. You ask your marketing department run effective marketing campaigns based on your existing customers demographics, buying habits, and appropriate media channels.

How we help you do more

We will provide you with suite of integrated online tools: self-serving customer portal, touch-screen front desk station, and mobile app which will facilitate customer account management, registration, sales, and customer statistics collection in very simple and user-friendly manner. All of our tools are connected to your ERP/CRM, thus the task of customer and sales data analysis, and creation of marketing campaigns and executive decisions based on this analysis becomes very easy and fun.

OneOffice Team


Solution Discovery

You know you need more capabilities, more integration across departments, and better collaboration among employees than your current software and systems provide. Yet, if you`re not sure how to get them, we can help - with a comprehensive, business-oriented analysis that determines how (and whether) ERP/CRM platform adopted in your company can do it.

How we help you do more:

We like to think we work magic, but it`s more like creating the trick - figuring out what has to happen and building the mechanism that makes it occur. So tell us what has to happen by filling out the form and leave the rest to us


Contemporary Cloud-Based ERP/CRM solutions combine power and simplicity, but their comprehensive capabilities aren`t exactly plug `n` play. We just make it seem that way - by ensuring that installation, testing, and deployment go as smoothly and quickly as possible. We keep your business moving while helping it move ahead.

A moving experience

Change is both exciting and upsetting. We help you stay calm. So, if you`ve already made the big decision to switch to NetSuite, we`ll make sure that the implementation process is not a big deal. Just tell us about your objectives in the form, and we`ll take it from there.


Though the usage of cloud-based CRM/ERP we can keep you humming cost-effectively, it can also be expanded to enhance business development, revenue generation, distribution improvements, and countless other processes for your customers, vendors, and employees.

Define how you want more

Rely on us to develop customized, business-specific extensions to ERP of your choice that help you function and grow more easily and profitably. We`ve done countless projects to expand existing IT and ERP/CRM systems, but applying that knowledge to your objectives will require understanding those ambitions. So tell us, using the form, the goals you want to reach, and we`ll help you develop a game plan.

Business Systems Care

Once you`re up and running with your ERP/CRM (and even if you have been for ages), the platform`s untapped potential will surprise you. Get the most from it and help your business generate more profit. Discover how we can help you extend system`s value and improve everyone`s productivity.

We can show you how

We know two things really, really well - Enterprise Management Systems and business. To make them work together in the best way for your organization, use the form to tell us what you want to accomplish, and let us custom tailor an approach.

  • BAI Inc. - Distributor of Civil Aircraft spare parts components and repair services. Implementation of supply chain system using open-source ERP/CRM package vTiger.
  • The #1 question answering service that delivers the best answers from the web and real people - all in one place. Implementation of data warehouse and integration with Oracle Financials.
  • The Charles Schwab Corporation is an American brokerage and banking company. Implementation of Data Warehouse using Oracle database and Holoss multi-dimentional reporting tools.
  • The Oshman Family JCC aspires to be a Jewish neighborhood where all are welcome. Helped to migrage the data from various application to NetSuite ERP/CRM platform.
  • - Leading US attorney/client matching service. Implementation of SalesForce CRM and integration with e-Commerce website.
  • Non-profit operating over 50 high-quality, state-of-the-art, patient-friendly dialysis centers that meet the long-term clinical needs of more than 4,000 CKD patients.
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Our clients earn annual revenues greater than USD $10M. Most of our clients are in advanced growth as characterized by high market demand for their innovative products and services. Naturally, many of them are in industries where implementation of ERP/CRM systems is strong (e.g., manufacturing and distribution, professional services, technology, non-profit, etc.).

A commonality between our clients is the desire to utilize information and communication technology to reach their customers more effectively at a lower cost. Most of our clients prefer to not build competencies in Information Technology management and operations, especially as they embrace the promise offered by cloud computing. However, as they avoid wasteful IT costs, they insist on working with high caliber business systems talent to achieve their desired capability.

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